Default account

  • The default user after installation is “admin”.
  • The default password after installation is “admin”.

The password can be changed by clicking on the account icon in the upper right corner :


And change your password :

Change password

Change username and mail address

You can change your username and add an email address.

Keep in mind that your username is used to log in. You will need to re-login if you change it.

Change username



By activating this option you will receive an email if one of your repositories has a down status.

Enable email alert

The email alerts are triggered once every 24 hours for each repository. In order to limit the email flow, you can’t receive more than one alert every 24 hours for a down for each repository.

Also, let’s take the example of a simultaneous down of 5 repositories, you will not receive 5 different emails but only one with the list of repositories down in it.

Here is an example of an email alert :

email alert

Send a test mail

You cand send a test email to test your SMTP configuration and to be sure that everything is okay ! Just click on the button and wait. Here is the email you should receive :

email test

Email alerts dependencies

This email alert is dependent on :


Apprise configuration

Apprise alert switch

By activating the “Apprise alert” option you will receive a notification on all your configured service if one of your repositories has a down status. Within the limit of one alert every 24 hours for each status down.

Apprise URLs

For each service (Discord, Matrix, SMS, Mattermost…) to notify, there is a different Apprise URL. You can find the URL syntax for each service on this documentation.

The number of services that can be notified is unlimited.

Apprise Mode

  • If Apprise is installed as a Python package (pip install apprise) on the same server as your BorgWarehouse application, select Local package.
  • If you have a stateless API server for Apprise, select Stateless API server and provide an Apprise stateless API URL.

Example of notifications

  • Discord :

    Discord notification
  • Matrix (Element) :

    Matrix notification