BorgWarehouse, a fast and modern WebUI for a BorgBackup's central repository server.

What is BorgWarehouse ?

BorgWarehouse is a graphical interface to manage a central BorgBackup repository server.

Today, if you want to have a large server on which you centralize backups of BorgBackup clients you have to do everything manually from the command line. It works, but in everyday life it can be complicated and adding, modifying, deleting repositories is always a bit long and tedious. If you want to do things right, you have to create a user on your server, associate him a public SSH key, give him a quota… in short it’s a bit of work.

With BorgWarehouse, you have an interface that allows you to do all this simply and quickly :

  • add repositories
  • edit existing repositories
  • delete repositories
  • be alerted if there are no recent backups
  • monitor the volume of data
  • flexibly manage quotas for each repository

The whole system part is automatically managed by BorgWarehouse and you don’t have to touch your terminal anymore while enjoying a visual feedback on the status of your repositories.

BorgWarehouse does not change your client backup processes. It only takes care of the server side.

Here is a diagram to better understand the positioning of BorgWarehouse:


Take a look at this demo video :

Who is BorgWarehouse made for ?

Borgwarehouse is primarily designed for self-hosting and use by individuals or professionals for small to medium sized central backup servers.

BorgWarehouse is distributed without any warranty or commitment. You can deploy it wherever you want, it is under your responsibility. As with any software, it will be improved from version to version.

Who created BorgWarehouse ?

I’m Benjamin “Raven” Sourisse, a french web developer and sysadmin. I’m the creator of the BorgWarehouse project. I designed and developed everything from software to this documentation.

After a ten years career in system and network administration, I decided to turn to the other branch of computer science that I am passionate about: web development. I started an intensive training in fullstack web development in early 2022. In parallel to my training I started to think and design borgwarehouse. It took me several months of intensive development between two jobs to release the first version of BorgWarehouse. Development is now carried out on my weekends and vacations, with as much passion as ever ! This is my first ‘big’ software project, be cool with me ðŸĪŠ.

This project is going to be shared on Github in particular, so it won’t be only my project anymore, but the one of a community in the future. I hope so. This opensource vision is the one that allows today to make the best software in my own opinion. So if you are interested in the project, feel free to contribute or support me.