SMTP configuration

Since v1.3 of BorgWarehouse, you have the possibility to receive email alerts about the status of your repositories.

For this feature you need to set up an SMTP server to send the emails. This is done in the environment section of docker-compose.yml file for docker or in variable file .env.local for baremetal by adding some options :

Some details for each options :

  • MAIL_SMTP_FROM : the email address of the sender.
  • MAIL_SMTP_HOST : the hostname or IP address of your SMTP server/provider.
  • MAIL_SMTP_PORT : the port to connect to (587 is the best today).
  • MAIL_SMTP_LOGIN : login for your SMTP server/provider (often, the complete email address).
  • MAIL_SMTP_PWD : the password for your SMTP server/provider.
  • MAIL_REJECT_SELFSIGNED_TLS : it’s a boolean. With true value, you reject selfsigned TLS certificate, with false you accept it.