How to update ?

Minor version

Backup your config files

Before starting an update of BorgWarehouse, please make sure that you have a safe copy of the following configuration files :

  • .env.local
  • config/users.json
  • config/repo.json

Stop the service

Firstly, stop the application BorgWarehouse.

If you have installed a service as advised in the Debian deployment doc, run the command :

systemctl stop borgwarehouse

Fetch the new version

With the borgwarehouse user, go to the folder app and launch a git pull.

su borgwarehouse
cd borgwarehouse
git pull

Install dependencies

npm ci

Build the application

npm run build

Restart application

BorgWarehouse is up-to-date 🥳 ! You can now restart your service, or run a npm run start for a local test.

From v1 to v2

What’s new in v2 ?

Core changes :

  • One unix user is now used for all backup. BorgWarehouse now complies with BorgBackup documentation recommendations.
  • sudo permissions is now no longer required at all.
  • Repositories are now all in the same root folder.
  • Inside the repo.json, the repository key is not use anymore. The repositoryName key is new and now match the exact name of the repository where are stored datas for this repository.
  • All SSH public key must be unique (see why here or here). BorgWarehouse will warn you if you try to use an already use one.
  • All environment variables are now runtime variables (buildtime variables have been removed for docker compatibility).

Features :

  • 100% ready for Docker 🚀
  • Add robots.txt to default installation.
  • History of repo.json file is now logged in config/versions folder.

Fixes :

  • Don’t try to stat repositories if there is no repositories created in BorgWarehouse
  • Improvement for SMTP error log
  • Add prettier config file
  • better description in Wizard’step 2

How to migrate from v1 to v2 ?

It’s a big update, and there is no automatic migration process. I will try to explain the steps to follow to migrate from v1 to v2 soon.