External storage

Repositories location

The repositories (i.e. the raw backup data from BorgBackup) are stored in the repos directory.

  • When using BorgWarehouse under Docker, this will be the repos volume.
  • When using BorgWarehouse without Docker (baremetal), this will be /home/borgwarehouse/repos.

Change the location

BorgWarehouse supports symbolic links. If you want to move repository storage, use a symbolic link. In a Docker environment, you’re also free to mount the repos volume wherever you like.

Use the Hetzner Storage Box

The Storage Box is a flexible online storage provides SSHFS access, so it’s possible to mount any type of SSHFS-accessible storage on BorgWarehouse.

I leave it to you to consult the Hetzner documentation to recover your access to a storage box. Once this is done, all you need to do is mount the storage box in SSHFS on the repository directory.

See an example for a docker usage context :

sshfs -o uid=1001,gid=1001,allow_root myuser@myuser.your-storagebox.de:/Hetzner-BorgWarehouse ~/volumes/repos

To make the “mount” permanent, you can consult the documentation for your Linux distributions and the Hetzner documentation.