Apprise configuration

Since v1.4 of BorgWarehouse, you have the possibility to receive alerts about the status of your repositories on 90+ services supported by Apprise, like Discord, Matrix, Mattermost, Slack

If you don’t know Apprise, I invite you to read my article.

To access the Apprise notification settings, go to your account settings :

Apprise settings

Apprise with Docker

In the docker-compose.yml file, you have to add the following lines :

  container_name: apprise
  image: caronc/apprise
  user: "www-data:www-data"

After that, you just have to set “Apprise mode” to “Stateless API server” in the account settings and provide the URL of your Apprise container : http://apprise:8000.

Apprise docker settings

Apprise in a baremetal installation

You can install Apprise as :

  • Local package
  • Stateless API

Local Package

You can simply install Apprise with pip on the same server where borg is installed :

pip install apprise

There is nothing more to do… .

Stateless API

Don’t forget to provide your Apprise stateless API URL in account settings.