A fast and modern WebUI for a BorgBackup's central repository server.

Get Started

Open-source GNU AGPLv3 Licensed. GitHub v2.3.0

✨ Open Source

BorgWarehouse is free software under the AGPLv3 license. Anyone can use, copy, study or modify it.

⚡ Fluid & modern WebUI

Manage your server with an simple interface allowing you to add, delete and modify repositories in a few clicks.

🐧 Self-hosting

Install BorgWarehouse on your own infrastructure and manage your repositories as you wish. Docker images are available for easy.

📊 Monitoring

Keep an eye on the size of your repositories and their status (last modification). Be alerted or connect your monitoring to the BorgWarehouse API.

🪄 Setup Wizard

Configure your BorgBackup clients in just a few clicks with the setup wizard and its automatic generation for each of your repositories.

🔒 Privacy

BorgWarehouse is based on BorgBackup and only handles the server side. Your backups remain encrypted from end to end by your Borg client.